Nagoya Ryugakusei Net invites you to attend “Explore Japan: Mochi-tsuki (rice-cake pounding) at the turn of the year” (December 30). Please apply from the “Events” page.

Nagoya Ryugakusei Net has 2023 Year-end Party at its office on December 26 (Tuesday). International graduate students and NPO supporters are welcome. Please apply from the “Events” page.

Nagoya Ryugakusei Net invites the application for “Explore Japan: Japan’s Postwar Economic Development and Air Pollution – Learning from the experience of Yokkaichi” on July 28 (Fri), 2023.

Please apply from “Events” page.

The meeting place for the event of June 8 changed from the parking lot in front of the Toyoda Auditorium to the south gate area of the campus. Please see the new location in the map on the event page.

Nagoya RyuNet offers an event “Explore Japan: Urban Planning & Townscape Preservation (Part II)” on June 8 (Thu). This is a one-day bus tour to visit Nagoya Urban Institute and Arimatsu town. Please apply from our “Events” page.