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Explore Japan: Water and Sewerage of Nagoya (Part II)

Explore Japan: Water and Sewerage of Nagoya (Part II)

Water Plant at Nabeya-ueno and Sewerage Science Museum of Nagoya

We will visit two places to learn how Nagoya provides clean water and processes sewerage. We will see the current state of the art of water & sewerage science. Experts will explain the whole system of in-taking river water and disposing of processed water back to the river.

Water is an essential requirement for a large city to survive. With a population of approximately 2.3 million people, Nagoya has a sophisticated system to provide quality water and treat wastewater. In this “Explore Japan” session, we will visit Nagoya‘s water and wastewater systems to understand the city’s efforts to meet the sixth goal of the SDGs. We will also have an opportunity to exchange views on the current water supply and sewage systems in the participants’ home countries.
Nagoya takes water from the Kiso River and turns it into high-quality drinking water at a water purification plant (e.g., the Nabeya-Ueno water purification plant). Domestic wastewater is treated at a sewage treatment plant and discharged into the river or the sea. We will learn about this system by visiting the Nabeya-Ueno Water Purification Plant and the Metawater Sewerage Science Museum Nagoya.

We will provide a simple lunch (Japanese rice balls and beverages). If you have dietary restrictions, please bring lunch.

Date & Time: April 19 (Wednesday), 2023. 9:30 a.m. ~ 4:30 p.m.

(Explore Japan: Inuyama and Water Sources of Nagoya (Part III – one day bus tour) will take place in July or August, 2023.)

We will welcome international graduate students in the greater Nagoya area. We will accept 15 participants.

Destination: Nabeya Ueno Water Plant in Chikusa-ku & Sewerage Science Museum in Kita-ku, Nagoya

Meeting place & Time: No.1 Exit (surface level), Nagoya University Station, Subway Meijo Line at 9:30 a.m. (Please bring a Manaca or travel card to buy the subway ticket.)


  1. Participation is free. We accept the application on first-come, first-served basis.
  2. Nagoya RyuNet covers the event insurance premium and provides a simple lunch. If you cannot attend the event, please kindly notify us by sending the email message to
  3. This event takes place, even when it rains.
  4. Please bring the mask on the event day. If you do not feel good, please do not attend the event. Notify your absence by calling the phone number in our letter of confirmation.
  5. This event accepts graduate students. (no children)

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