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Ozoh-ni (お雑煮)

Ozoh-ni (お雑煮)

This rice-cake soup is served for the breakfast of the New Year’s Day.

There are many versions in different regions. The below is a simple one.

1. What you need.
    Clear broth: One package included in the package is for five people (cups).
    Green leaves (Mochi-na)
    Soy sauce
    Mochi (rice cake)
    a few slices of carrot (If you have a carrot.)
2. Boil water 180 ccs for one cup.
    Add broth (1/5th) to the water
3. While you wait for boiling water, wash the green leaves (Mochi-na).
Cut the green leaves into one-inch pieces.
4. Add soy sauce as you like (one large cooking spoon) to the boiling water.
5. Add cut pieces of the green leaves into the boiling broth (water).
6. Wipe off the powder covering each Mochi.
7. Put the Mochi in the boiling broth. If the Mochi is still soft, turn off the cooking stove.
8. Serve the Mochi and the green leaves in a cup to serve.