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About Us

About Us

Office Hours (Please Drop in.): 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM (Mon – Thu) or send the appointment request from “Contact.”

President’s Greeting

If you are an international student studying at a graduate school in the Nagoya area or planning to study at a graduate school in the Nagoya area, Nagoya Ryugakusei Net is here to support you.

Studying abroad is made even richer when you combine educational research on a university campus with social interactions and experiences outside the campus. Our non-profit organization works with supporters in Nagoya and throughout Japan to support a wide range of exchanges with people who understand your aspirations and are interested in learning about your society and culture. We know many international graduate students who studied in the Nagoya area and are now active around the world. Would you like to become a member of this international network? We can help you.


Currently, more than 6,000 international students and visiting researchers are working in the greater Nagoya area. They have high aspirations and wish to contribute to their countries and the world through their learning and research. They want to become connecting bridges between their countries and Japan. In particular, graduate students and young researchers from overseas will work globally and take the lead in their countries. Their experience in Japan will be valuable assets for their future.

The members of the Nagoya RyuNet have practiced global activities as researchers, entrepreneurs, and professionals. Some advised international graduate students and young researchers from overseas, some conducted international business abroad, and some did cross-border practice. The Nagoya Ryunet has a bundle of global networks created by these people.

We understand the aspirations of international graduate students and young researchers and wish to enrich their research and daily lives in Japan by introducing them to attractive communities, professional networks, and business networks in Japan and abroad.

All relationships have the element of mutuality. Supporting and accompanying international graduate students and young researchers will benefit supporters. The supporters can learn from the unique experience of visitors, enhance their perspectives, and achieve a broader understanding of the world. The Nagoya RyuNet promotes mutual support and collaboration beyond national borders.

Officers of Nagoya Ryugakusei Net, NPO

President Matsuura, Yoshiharu: Professor Emeritus, Nagoya University

Vice President Adachi, Mamoru: Professor, Nagoya University of Economics, Professor Emeritus, Nagoya University

Director Hamada, Michiyo: Professor Emeritus, Nagoya University, ex-Commissioner, Japan Fair Trade Commission

Director Morishima, Akio: Professor Emeritus, Nagoya University, ex-President, Insitute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES)

Director Hoshiya, Hideyuki: Counselor, Tokai National Higher Education and Research System, Advisor, Mori Building Co., Ltd.

Director & Secretary Matsuura, Itsuko: Attorney (Najima & Watanuki), ex-Professor of Aichi University and Nanzan University

Director Kagayama, Shigeru: Professor Emeritus, Nagoya University and Meiji Gakuin University

Director Okuda, Saori: Designated Professor, Nagoya University of Economics, ex-Lecturer for International Students, Nagoya University

Director Kozaki, Kazuko: Nagoya University Officer

Inspector Shibata, Yuki: Advisor, AISIN Health Insurance Society, ex-Director, Legal Department, AISIN Corporation

Inspector Ishikawa, Masaru: President, Microhouse Inc.

Access to the Nagoya RyuNet Office

10 min. walk from Nagoya Univ., Subway Meijo Line, or 21 min. walk from Kawana, Subway Tsurumai Line

37 Miyahigashi-cho, Showa-ku, Nagoya 466-0840 Phone: 81-52-734-3678

For more details of the NPO, click the link below.

NPO Information: Articles of Incorporation, Certification of Incorporation, Registration Certificate, Officers List, 1st Year (2021)Business Report, and 2nd Year (2022)Business Report.